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Why Choose Mighty Manatee?

When you choose Mighty Manatee IT, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and commitment to the security, stability, and efficiency of your IT environment. By entrusting us with your IT needs, you free your organization from the complexities and challenges associated with technology management. You can focus on your core business objectives while we navigate the intricacies of IT to ensure your continued success. Partner with Mighty Manatee IT and experience the confidence that comes from having a reliable, experienced IT partner by your side. Your business deserves nothing less.


At Mighty Manatee IT, our mission is to help small and medium businesses succeed by providing dependable IT solutions that improve efficiency and security.


At Mighty Manatee IT, our vision is to be the top IT partner for small and medium businesses in Central Florida, helping them grow and succeed with reliable technology solutions.

Core Values

Give a Damn

We passionately care about our clients' success, always going the extra
mile to meet their needs. We extend this dedication to making a positive impact in our

Continuous Improvement

We stay ahead of industry trends and constantly improve
our skills and services to provide our clients with the best and most innovative solutions.

Do What's Right

We are committed to integrity and ethical practices, always prioritizing 
what is best for our clients and acting with honesty and transparency in all our dealings.

Work Together

We thrive on collaboration, working closely with our team, clients,
vendors, and other service providers to create a supportive and innovative environment
that benefits everyone.

These values ensure we provide exceptional service and build lasting partnerships, making
Mighty Manatee IT a trusted partner for small and medium businesses in Central Florida.

​Our Founder, Glenn Holcomb

​Over 25 years of experience in technology and customer service led Glenn to create Mighty Manatee IT – a company dedicated to helping Central Florida businesses focus on their goals, not just their technology. Easy-to-use technology and client readiness for the unexpected are just some of many services MMIT delivers.

Prior to Mighty Manatee IT, Glenn was Vice President of a successful managed service provider based in New York City.  There, he developed a myriad of skills including the management of the help desk and engineering teams. It was in this role that his dedication to top tier customer service was evident, as many clients appreciated his team’s quick response time and commitment to problem resolution. In addition to management, Glenn also provided hands-on implementation and maintenance of the firm’s various technology systems. This role was critical as it provided the added benefit of staying on top of current technology trends, updates and programs. He also sharpened his networking and infrastructure skills as lead designer and implementer of client networks. When he joined the firm, he was the lead developer for several business applications related to real estate, fine arts education and photography studios.

Prior to his career at ITS, Glenn served in IT Support and Programming roles for both a major insurance company and a retail firm.

Glenn was born and raised in New York City, but relocated to Lake County, Florida in 2003.  He is married to his wonderful wife, Dorothea, and they have two sons, Jacob and William.

Glenn Holcomb founder
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