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Our Name

Manatees. Sea Cows. Information Technology. Excuse me?

It’s pretty unique, isn’t it? What do manatees have to do with Information Technology services, you ask? It’s a question we get asked a lot, and that’s partly why we chose manatees for our name. Right now you’re thinking about us. You’re curious about us. That’s what we want. Now, let’s tell you how we came to be Mighty Manatee IT and why it should matter to your business.

First, our founder, Glenn Holcomb, enjoyed a very successful  IT consulting career in New York City for over 25 years, but eventually decided he wanted to start his own company in Central Florida. In choosing a name, it had to be instantly recognizable as a Florida entity. Something friendly, but unique and strong. Manatees said it all. 

Secondly, we wanted our company name to be fun. There are a myriad of overly serious or downright dull names for technology companies. We wanted a name that conveyed our friendly service, our unique ability to anticipate and solve any issues you might have, and our strong commitment to help your business succeed and prosper. Now that’s a powerful manatee!

Finally, Mighty Manatee is a metaphor for our philosophy as a company. Like the manatee, our presence should be under the surface, always there for you, supporting you. Our manatee is a mighty one. It consistently prepares your business to be ready for the unexpected. 

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